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Our 100% original formula is composed of natural ingredients that help to activate the stem cells. At Stem16 you will find technology and nature working together to achieve wonderful results.



he properties of our 100% natural formula help stimulate the release, activity and proliferation of adult stem cells in the body to keep you young and energetic.


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We have the best payment plan in the market. Ensuring development in the short, medium and long term.

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We are a Global Network Marketing company with the mission to spread the knowledge of Stem16 throughout the world.

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Around the world, people are improving their health and quality of life thanks to our 100% original product.

About Stem Global Connexions

In 2011 Stem Global Connexions creates the original formula that supports our Stem16 ™ product. Our combined formula stimulates the release of new stem cells allowing the body to repair itself and function at an optimal level of health.

Our mission is to work together to develop and deliver unique and scientific quality health products distributed throughout the world through our family of distributors, creating real and affordable financial opportunities for people around the world.

Our vision is to improve the lives of people around the world through our wonderful products, while delivering tools, training and education to our ever growing family of Independent Distributors to achieve their dreams and financial goals.

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The business opportunity is as good as the compensation plan that sustains it. Simply Stem Global Connexions gives you the opportunity to have your own business from home, without the risks or the great investment that almost all entrepreneurs must assume, and with our full help all the way.

Your level of success will depend on your personal efforts, and we will arm you with a wide range of tools, support and training. Our success system will help you balance your time and maximize your earning potential. You will have the opportunity to develop a successful business that will provide residual income to help you form a better future for you and others.

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You will also have the opportunity to qualify for bonuses that will allow you to buy a home and / or auto. Stem Global Connexions inc. Offers you exceptional business opportunity, first-rate support, as well as valuable tools and resources, including regional meetings and international conventions.

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If you are not yet ready to start your own business as a distributor, we offer you the opportunity to become our preferred customer, to buy our retail product, you can enjoy the wonderful benefits that Stem16 ™ offers for your health.

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